Another Week in the Books

Well, this was the first week in a while I have felt totally back to normal, about damn time too! This past week was very warm however, which poses its own problems for me as I do not handle long stuff well in the heat, at all. Not much I can do but hydrate like crazy and up my Gatorade consumption. A fair number of my off day stuff is inside, and the gym where I run has no air conditioning which makes even easy runs very unpleasant.

May 4th to 10

Monday: Treadmill, 40mins easy

Tuesday: 7min warm up on grass infield, drills and strides.
3x200m, 10mins rec: 26.6, 26.9, 27
1mile warm down.

Wednesday: Treadmill 40mins easy

Thursday: Treadmill, 6min warm up, strides.
Plan was 20mins on 9, but bailed on that after 5mins and switched to 3x5mins on 9, 5mins active recovery between. Super hot in gym.
Lunch, easy 40mins with running group.
PM, 8K with Achilles group, avg 4:45 per K.

Saturday: 7min warm up on infield, drills and strides.
3x200m, 8mins rec: 27, 26.8, 27.5. Warm up felt great, but did not quite have my legs today.

Sunday: half hour on treadmill.

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Goodbye Dumb, Uh I Mean Dome!

Beginning to feel more like my normal self, however I do not feel like I am back at full capacity yet. My cough was practically gone this past week, but would crop up from time to time. My energy is coming back also and I am not bonking workouts like I have been, but my heart rate is still higher than normal and I am far off holding my hard Thursday run pace for as long as I used to be able too. I may have lost some fitness over this past month, but if that is the case, I’ll regain it relatively quickly over the coming weeks.

April 27 to May 3

Monday: Treadmill, 40mins easy.

Tuesday: 1 mile warm up, 7:30, drills and strides.
3×300, 5mins rec: 46, 46, 45. This is a similar workout I ran right before getting sick and I am actually a bit nervous of it. I slowed the pace down, and brought the recovery down as well, to make sure I could complete it without ending up in another world of hurt. Last time we did this, we did the reps much faster, with much more recovery. Slowing these reps down a fair bit was I think, a really good idea as I am still coming back and would rather play it safe right now.

Wednesday: Treadmill, 40mins easy.

Thursday: Treadmill, 6mins warm up, 20mins on 9, 5xhills on incline 6, speed 11.5.
Better 20min segment this week, no coughing but still very difficult over last 5mins. I held 30 mins of this a monthago so am still a fair bit off on this.
PM, easy 40mins with work group.
PM 8K with Achilles Group, 4:45 per K. Cramped up on this run and had to stop twice to stretch quad. Probably a bad idea to run 3 times lol, but just so nice outside!

Saturday: 7mins warm up on grass, drills and hard strides.
4x200m, 90secs rec. Workout called for these to be in 28:
28, 29, 29, 32. Pretty good workout for me. I did not think I’d hold pace for as long as I did.
800m, slow jog warm down.

Sunday: 40mins easy moderate on Treadmill.

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Getting There, Slowly

So another subpar week of training for me, but I’m definitely on the way to recovery finally. Still had my cough for the majority of the week, but it got better as the week went on. As like last week, I find that steady running feels ok, and short hard strides do also but it is the sustained aerobic hard running where I have problems.

april 19 to 26

Monday: Treadmill 40mins moderate.

Tuesday: 1mile warm up, 7:23. Drills and hard strides.

Workout was supposed to be 4x500m in 1:30 on 3mins rec:
1:38, felt faster than that, 1:36, felt better but was coughing a lot after and even during so decided to only do one more but push it, 1:26.

Wednesday: Treadmill 40mins easy.

Thursday:treadmill, 7min warm up:
Wanted to try for 20mins at 9, made it but last 5 mins were not pleasant, at all. 5mins more than last week so a definite improvement, but still 10mins short of what I’ve been able to run at that pace.
5x 10sec hills on incline 6.

Saturday: Treadmill, 1mile warm up, strides:
, Goal was 3 times 3:30 on 10.5, with equal standing recovery between. I would consider this a difficult but doable workout if I was 100% but struggled:
I made the first rep, just made the second, and bailed 1:30 into the third, walked for 30seconds and then finished on speed 9.
Took 5mins and then did 3×1 min on 12.
Here’s hoping for a better week ahead!

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Sick Week of Training!

Frustrating week of training for me, as I continue battling what I’m sure is some form of pneumonic plague! I thought that 4 days off would’ve put this bitch to bed, but alass, not to be the case. I was unable to finish any workout this week, but have slowly been getting better day by day and am now left with an annoying slut of a cough that really needs to piss off! If there is one good thing about this week, it is that 2 of the workouts I did were fast in nature, and although I was unable to complete them, I did get a good dose of faster running in, which is very good for me as this keeps my legs feeling good.

April 12 to 19

Monday: Treadmill, 40mins easy/steady.

Tuesday: Revelstoke, 1loop warm up, feeling pretty uncomfortable running. Ran loop in 8:30
Drills and strides:
Workout was 4x long hill with full recovery. I did 3:
Intensity was there, pace, probably not. I have nothing to compare this too as I’ve never done this hill hard before but am pretty sure our pace was off:
65, 64, 69. We took walk down as recovery: approx 5mins.

Wednesday: Treadmill, 40mins easy.

Thursday: Treadmill, 7min warmup:
Was hoping for 20mins on 9.0, but stepped off at 15.
20mins, wogg.
PM 8K with Achilles group. AVG 4:53 per K.

Saturday: Blair hill.
Approx 15min warm up, drills and strides.
Workout was 2xShort Blair Hill hard. First almost killed me, second pretty much did as I stepped off 3 quarters of the way up, after being reduced to walking.
10min warm down.

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Oh, the Irony

So this week I was forced into taking some down time, which is kind of ironic as I had planned on a down week last week but ended up not really having a proper one. My workout on Tuesday left me in a virtual fetal position for a few days, and instead of running through it , I just lay low.

April 6 to 12

Monday: Treadmill, 40mins moderate.

Tuesday: 1mile warm up, 7:33.
Drills and strides.
3x300m, full recovery: We took 8 mins after the first one, 10 after the second:
42, 42, 44.
This left me in a world of hurt. It was our first real anaerobic capacity workout of the year and my body did not like it. Somehow managed 800m warm down slog.

Wednesday: Feeling absolutely horrible: treadmill 40mins easy.

Thursday to Sunday: off.

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Springing Ahead

Continuing the theme of the last few weeks, I am feeling better and better as we head into spring. I originally thought that losing some weight was why I was starting to feel really good but as it turns out I have not lost any at all so am really at a loss as to why I have suddenly started feeling much better on every type of run I go on, whether it be a workout or an off day run.
Anyway, wanted an easy week this week but after Thursday, I realized that I’d ran as much up to that point as I had in previous weeks so instead, I just decided to take Easter Sunday and Monday off to give my body a break.

Monday March 30 to Sunday April 6

Monday: Treadmill, 40mins moderate

Tuesday: Revelstoke loop, approximately 1900 M.
1loop warm up, drills and strides:
3loop progression: easy, steady, hard. On third loop, we ran the big hill on the backside of the loop 4 times.
1loop warm down.

Wednesday: Treadmill, 40mins easy to moderate.

Thursday: Treadmill, 7 minute progressive warm up, strides:
20mins at 9.5. 5xhills on 6 incline.
PM 8K run with Achilles group avg 4:50.

Saturday: Plan was a speed endurance day with Stu but the track was too busy so we had to switch it up.
1mile warm up, 8:28 into faster 5th lap, 1:45.
Drills and a few strides:
3 miles of one on, one off. We did not take splits each lap, but did for the miles:
6:48, 6:48, 6:33.

Thursdays run was one I could’ve never done at any point of last year, maybe ever. Saturday’s aerobic workout was also very good for me.

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Beginning to Roll

I am beginning to feel very good for both workouts, and surprisingly on the majority of my off days as well. Not sure what to atribute this too, but over the last few weeks my legs have definitely caught up to me and I find myself falling over them in warmup, which is a good thing.

March 22 to 29

Monday: Treadmill, 40mins moderate

Tuesday: 1mile warm up, 7:36.
Drills, strides.
3x400m 8mins rec:
59, 61, 68. In hindsight I probably should’ve slowed the first one down and tried for 62’s, but either way, a year ago if I had’ve tackled this workout with a similar approach I would’ve dropped a 75 instead of a 68 for sure.

Wednesday: Treadmill 40mins easy to moderate.

Thursday: Treadmill, 5mins warm up, 30mins at 9:00 (6:40mile pace,) 4×10 second hills. I was even able to pick this up to 9.5 for last 5 mins and still was not doing too bad.

PM: 8.4K outside with Achilles group, avg 4:44 per K.

Saturday: 5lap warm up, going through the mile in 8:06 and running the 5th lap in 1:39
Drills and strides.
The plan was 12 laps of fast on the straights, and steady on the corners. I wanted to stay well within myself on this workout, after already having a pair of good workouts this week. We had a watch for this also and ran it all in lane 3.
We split 6:17 for mile 1, and after 6 laps I decided to stop at 2 miles as my steady portions were beginning to slip a little. Split 6:30 for second mile.
1mile warm down.

Sunday: 4k Easy with Achilles group.

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